Tips to Make Your Remote Working Experience Exciting

The world has adjusted to the new normal of remote working. Many people prefer working remotely rather than going to offices. Many companies too have accepted this reality and now allow employees to work from home a couple days a week. Some companies even have a 100% work from home policy.

There are ways in which you can make your remote working experience exciting. This will help you approach work with greater enthusiasm. We tell you about remote working trends and other ways to add a zing to your remote working.

1. Work from other homes

Working from your home can become monotonous. How about working from other homes? Yes, this is possible thanks to Swaphouse. A home swap is where you swap homes with someone else. They come to your home for a specific duration, while you go to their home. The home swap experiences can be enjoyable. You can home swap in another country to have a great international experience.

Read more about how Swaphouse works, you can join and use the platform for free!

2. Plan fun activities after work

Especially when you decide to combine your holidays with working remotely from new destinations, it’s the perfect way to explore cities and little (historical) villages. When we plan such activities, we always try to start our work day a little earlier so we can close our laptop before the end of the afternoon and enjoy a long(er) evening.

In the summer, many towns organize local (evening) markets and small events which are very nice to visit. Or try new restaurants to really get a taste of the local food and culture. We guarantee you: your remote work days are going a little faster and easier when you have nice activities planned which you can look forward to during the day.

3. Take breaks regularly

Remote working doesn’t mean you are stuck in front of your laptop for hours together. Not only is this boring, it is not good for your health. Take regular breaks from work. Go for a short walk on the terrace or in the garden to stretch your muscles. Take a break and go to the gym, surf, swim, or simply listen to some relaxing music in a park. Breaks refresh you and add an element of play to work, that makes remote working more exciting. A post-lunch yoga or meditation session (we highly recommend the Headspace app for this) are activities that will help you be awake and refreshed after a heavy lunch.

4. Be organized while working

If you want your work to be exciting and enjoyable, then you need to do it right. Organize your work and do it in the right way through these tips:

  • Create a separate workspace where you are not disturbed by family members. Best is to have a separate room for this, but if that is not possible, we highly recommend (over-ear) noise-canceling headphones.
  • Follow a daily routine with fixed work hours.
  • Make a to-do-list and follow it scrupulously. Tobi uses the ‘Things’-app on a daily basis to list and plan all his to-do’s for work and personal tasks.
  • To reduce distractions while you work, it could be good to plan ‘focus’ time in your calendar. This way you can show your colleagues that you will not have time to join a call or be at an event.
  • Put your phone on Focus Mode a couple hours a day so you don’t get disturbed. On most smartphones it’s now possible to turn on a specific ‘Work’ focus mode where you can list all the apps that can and can’t notify you during work hours. On iPhones you can customize your Work focus mode under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Focus’

About Swaphouse

Imagine if you could work remotely from a destination of your choice, for free, without having to pay any accommodation costs. At Swaphouse, we believe this is the future of work, and it’s our mission to make it an accessible reality for every remote worker.