What to Pack on a Trip when Working Remotely


Having the opportunity and freedom to travel all over the world while still earning money and making a living is one of the many amazing things about working remotely. Traveling becomes easier as dates become more flexible and vacation days are now irrelevant. However, if you aren't prepared while on the road, you may find yourself with your toes in the sand and a margarita in hand, no internet connection, and dead devices.

Packing for a remote work trip isn’t all that different from packing for a regular vacation, however, there are a few essential items that remote workers should remember to add to their packing list. To help guide you while loading your backpack for a remote work adventure, be sure to consider the following items to make your time working remotely convenient and stress-free.

Passport & Paperwork

One of the biggest perks of remote work is the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world and still make a living, even out of the country. If choosing to travel internationally across borders while working remotely, the most important and essential item needed is a passport. A passport is your ticket to entry into the rest of the world.

In addition to a passport, some countries may require you to get a visa or fill out paperwork and documents beforehand. Always be sure to double-check the entry and exit requirements of the country where you are going to be traveling to, to avoid an unnecessary hassle or struggle at the airport. When doing research about your destination, consider referring to ivisa.com, as you can check the rules and regulations requiring visas.

Technology Accessories

Technology appliances are the key to being a remote worker, and the most essential. Your entire lifestyle revolves around the digital world and your job is literally made possible by the use of electronics. When working remotely, light and packable are the way to go, as moving around from place to place will become inevitable. When planning a remote work trip, be sure to pack these devices:

Laptop or Tablet: Obviously, a laptop or tablet will be needed to perform all of your remote work duties. If you are used to working on a desktop computer at home, a laptop is highly recommended over a tablet, as various functions or accessibilities may be needed. A lightweight and thin laptop is the best choice when choosing to go totally remote.

Voltage & Plug Adapters: Depending on where you are going in the world, remember that electricity voltage and outlets aren't always the same. Having the right voltage adapter is essential for the protection of your appliances, and the right outlet adapters are necessary to be able to charge said electronic devices.

Chargers: When it be a laptop, phone, tablet, or other electronic appliance, a charger is the most important accessory needed. Your battery life won't last forever, and it may not always be easy to find a reliable replacement on the road. In fact, bringing multiple chargers is recommended; better safe than sorry.

Mobile Hotspot & VPN

All listed homes on Swaphouse should provide a good and stable internet connection. If you are wanting to work outside of the home on occasion and want to eliminate the stress of finding free and reliable wifi, a mobile hotspot is a great investment for remote workers. A pocket wifi device or mobile hotspot increases your ability to work anywhere in the world, having a 24/7 connection right at your fingertips.

Additionally, depending on what you do for work, this may even be a necessary item needed to perform your job. It’s no secret the world wide web isn’t always safe and protected. Using a VPN allows you to hide your location and personal data, while still having internet access and a way to send files, data, and shared documents.

→ We have good experiences and really recommend using NordVPN

Portable Work Station & Appliances

Foldable Laptop Stand: Protect your posture while working remotely with a portable and foldable laptop or tablet stand. Traveling causes enough back and neck problems as it is, let alone adding in working on a computer all day. There are many brands that can easily slide right inside your backpack, making remote working easier than ever.

→ We use the Moft Invisible Laptop Stand and are very happy with it!

Noise-canceling Headphones: When working remotely, especially in public places, noise-canceling headphones are quickly going to become your new best friend. Whether you enjoy listening to music for enjoyment or looking to drown out background noise to help you focus, headphones will do the trick. There are various different kinds and types of noise canceling headphones to choose from, but whichever style you decide to go with, make sure they are wireless. You will already have enough cords as it is while working remotely, if you can go wireless, why not?

→ We’re a big fan of the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones and the Apple AirPods Pro 2

Blue Light Glasses: Working on technology devices and staring at screens all day can cause frequent headaches and cause long-term eye damage to those working remotely. Blue light glasses are a great investment to protect your vision and keep the headaches at bay. They really do make a big difference, are easily affordable, and can become your new staple style piece.

Ring Light: Many workers who work remotely are required to have zoom and video calls, or virtual meetings online. Adding a portable ring light to your workspace will help you look and feel more confident and professional, even if you hate being on camera. Ring attachments come in all strengths and sizes, and can be attached to a laptop, tablet, or most smartphones.

Management Resources

Staying motivated and sane while on the road working remotely isn’t always easy. The stress from work itself, blended with the stress from traveling to a foreign world can begin to become a struggle for many remote travelers. Thankfully, there are various habits and apps that can be incorporated into use in your daily schedule.

→ We use the ‘Things’-app on a daily basis to list and plan all to-do’s for both work and personal tasks.

When learning how to manage your resources, and, when traveling while working remotely, think of what works best for you. Every remote worker will learn how to adapt in their own way and use a wide variety of tools to do so. Consider downloading health and wellness apps, organizational apps and programs, shared calendars, planners and journals, and something fun to keep you stress-free with a smile.

→ We highly recommend the Headspace app for (daily) meditation sessions

We hope that this list gives you an idea of the items needed for being a successful and happy remote worker. Be sure to come back to this list while packing for your own remote work adventure and double-check you have everything needed while on your journey.

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