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About İzmir

Izmir operates on Eastern European Time (EET, UTC+3) without daylight saving time adjustments.
Main language
While Turkish is the official language, you may find English speakers, particularly in tourist areas.
Mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers are typical for Izmir's climate.
Closest airport
Adnan Menderes Airport serves as Izmir's main international gateway.
Intl. train station
Basmane Station is the main railway station, with connections to various parts of Turkey.
Near beach?
± 5km
Izmir itself has a coastline along the Aegean Sea, with numerous nearby beaches.
Near mountains?
± 100km
Mountains are close, with the nearest being the Bozdağlar mountain range.
Local Cuisine
İzmir Köfte
Izmir is famous for its version of köfte, or meatballs, often served with potatoes and green peppers.
Turkish Lira
The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira (₺ - TRY)
Must see
This ancient castle offers panoramic views of Izmir and historical insights.
Hidden gem
Kemeraltı Market
A bustling market offering everything from spices and clothes to jewelry, reflecting the city's historical heritage.
Water quality
Tap water is treated but it's advisable to drink bottled water, especially for travelers.
Home Swap İzmir - Swapping Homes, Embracing Aegean Vibes

Swapping Homes, Embracing Aegean Vibes

Known as the Pearl of the Aegean, İzmir's rich history, balmy climate, and cosmopolitan flair make it a hotspot for remote workers and digital nomads. Swaphouse let you swap your routine setting for a view of İzmir's sun-kissed coastline or its ancient Agora. Instead of your regular coffee breaks, imagine sipping Turkish tea by the Kordon, watching the world go by. As you adapt to the rhythms of Turkey's third-largest city, you're not just changing your work environment – you're embracing a culture that's as warm as its sun.

Home Swap İzmir - Where Every Season Inspires

Where Every Season Inspires

İzmir's Mediterranean climate promises mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. This setting creates a diverse backdrop for remote work. During the summer, the beach towns of Çeşme and Alacati are just a short drive away, beckoning with crystal-clear waters – perfect for weekend getaways. In cooler months, the city's boulevards, lined with palm trees and date palms, offer serene ambles. And when it's time for a break, local eateries with sumptuous mezes and traditional Aegean dishes are just around the corner.

Home Swap İzmir - Melding Tradition with Tech

Melding Tradition with Tech

İzmir might be steeped in ancient history – think Ephesus and Smyrna – but it boasts a modern infrastructure that caters to the tech-savvy. Reliable high-speed internet is the norm, making it easy for remote workers to stay connected. The city is also home to a growing number of co-working spaces, fostering a collaborative spirit among local startups, entrepreneurs, and visiting professionals.

Home Swap İzmir - Dive into İzmir's Diverse Districts

Dive into İzmir's Diverse Districts

Whether you're yearning for the artistic vibes of Karşıyaka, the historic allure of Konak, or the modern hustle of Bayraklı, there's a neighborhood that suits every remote worker's preference. Before you make the swap, chat with your host about local amenities – from the best simit bakeries to the nearest Dolmuş (shared taxi) stops for easy city navigation.

Home Swap İzmir - History & Harmony Post-Logoff

History & Harmony Post-Logoff

Once the workday concludes, İzmir's treasures await. Wander through the ruins of the Agora, immerse yourself in the artifacts at the İzmir Archaeology Museum, or catch a breathtaking sunset at the Asansör, a historical building offering panoramic city views. And if you're feeling social, head to the Alsancak district, where lively taverns and music venues promise memorable nights out.

Home Swap İzmir - Aegean Adventures Await

Aegean Adventures Await

İzmir's location is a gateway to a plethora of experiences. Explore the ancient ruins of Ephesus, pamper yourself in the thermal springs of Çeşme, or sail the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. The nearby villages, boasting stone houses and fragrant olive groves, offer peaceful retreats, while local bazaars, such as the Kemeraltı, let you haggle and shop to your heart's content.

Home Swap İzmir - Cherishing the Aegean Abode

Cherishing the Aegean Abode

İzmir, with its tapestry of history, modernity, and natural beauty, offers a remote working experience unlike any other. Through Swaphouse, you're not just finding a new place to work – you're gaining a window into a world where the past and the present harmoniously coexist. Ready to trade your familiar desk view for the shimmering Aegean coast? İzmir beckons.

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