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Swaphouse is a free platform to exchange homes with remote workers. An affordable, fun and unique way to travel in Europe and live (and work) like a local!

Discover new places

Work during the day and explore your new location in the evenings and weekends. Save vacation days by combining both!

Free accommodation

We don’t require (expensive) memberships. Swaphouse is 100% free. No money is exchanged in the entire process.

All the amenities you need

All homes feature fast WiFi and dedicated workspace(s). You can expect everything you need to live and work from there.

About Europe

Home Swap Europe - Home Swapping

Home Swapping

Europe offers a multitude of opportunities to travel like a local, including numerous home exchanges around the continent. Home swapping in Europe will allow those working remotely a comfortable work environment, save money on accommodation, and see some of the most traveled destinations in the world. There are hundreds of travelers in Europe looking for the chance to do a home exchange and open their homes for those looking to live like a local while working in Europe.

Home Swap Europe - Remote Work

Remote Work

Europe has become a hotspot for remote workers in recent years. There are many countries offering digital nomad visas, loads of co-working hubs in some of the most appealing cities in the world, with top internet speeds, and a prime location for easy travel to a nearby destination. Many cities offer a lower cost of living, offering those working remotely a chance to save even more money while on the road.

Home Swap Europe - Popular Locations

Popular Locations

Europe is home to some of the most visited destinations in the world and iconic attractions and landmarks scattered all over the continent. From mountainous destinations such as Romania and Switzerland, tropical islands like Mallorca and Sardinia, or bustling cities like Barcelona, Paris and Budapest, remote workers in Europe have plenty of options to choose from.

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