Checklist to Help you Home Swap with Pets

Tips for an easy and successful home swap with your pets.


Having a pet-friendly home is a great selling point for many hosts on Swaphouse. While working remotely is great, it’s even better to have your best loyal companion by your side wherever you go. As many pet owners know, it's not always easy finding accommodation that is pet friendly, luckily on Swaphouse, it’s easy to filter for pet-friendly homes for guests traveling with pets of all kinds.

To help you prepare for your (first) home swap with your pet, we have put together this checklist to make sure you have everything set and ready for your furry friends. While no one knows your pet better than you, this list is just a basic starting point to help guide you through the process.

Talk to your host about what services they use locally: Talk to your host about local services that are provided around the area, and who they recommend. Think about things such as dog walkers or sitters, groomers, or even their favorite local park and ‘doggy daycares.’ Your host can inform you of prices and their favorite service providers to help you feel comfortable about leaving your pet with someone new or taking them for a day of fun around the area.

Get all emergency numbers: Get all emergency numbers for pet services such as vet offices and local animal clinics and pharmacies. It is a good idea to have all of your pet's past paperwork on file with you and be able to present it in case of an emergency. Your host can also potentially talk to their personal vet and let them know about the situation, just in case.

Ask the host about locations local that are pet friendly: Ask your host about locations around the neighborhood that are pet friendly. Depending on where you are, many local spots such as parks, beaches, or shopping areas may have strict rules about dogs and other common pets. And vice versa, many local areas are designed specifically with pet lovers in mind. Being aware of where you can and can not go with your pet ahead of time will save you a lot of time and aggravation in the long run.

Respect house rules regarding pets: One of the most important things to remember when traveling with pets during a house swap is to respect the house rules of the host regarding pets. Some hosts may not want specific pets on the furniture or on the lawn for example, and there may be local neighborhood rules regarding pets as well. Make sure that your pet is well-behaved, is potty trained, and feels comfortable staying in an unknown environment. Remember to do your best to leave the house in the same condition, or better, than when you arrived. Your hosts and their pets will thank you.

Ask about other pets within the home: If your host is pet friendly, it is likely that they have pets of their own. While they may be traveling the world with their owners, many pets are left at home. Ask about other pets within the home and what responsibilities come with them. Additionally, it is best to make sure ahead of time that their pets will be comfortable with a new animal in the house.

Make relevant travel arrangements for your pet: If you are traveling across international borders with your pet, make sure to make relevant travel arrangements and have the proper paperwork ready beforehand. Things to consider are visas, proof of ownership, vaccination and medical history, and health and rabies certifications.

Be prepared for accidents and potential damage: As any pet owner is well aware, accidents can happen. Of course, most hosts are typically very understanding when it comes to potential accidents, as they probably have pets and worry about the same things as well. To be prepared, come equipped with the right cleaning supplies or any equipment that may help recover or prevent any possible damages or incidents. Think of items such as puppy pads, carpet cleaners, doggy bags, or even a first aid kit.

Traveling with pets makes the adventure even grander. It’s likely that your pets love you working remotely just as much as you do. We hope you've enjoyed this checklist and use it to prepare for your next home swap with your favorite pets!

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