How to be a Great Home Swap Guest


Home swapping is a great way to make long-term travel fun and affordable. Experiencing life like a local and meeting new people is one of the perks of staying in someone's home, in addition to all the coziness and amenities you left behind. Travelers who house swap are often looking to vacation with a different perspective, outside of the typical tourist routine.

When making the decision to become a house swap guest, it's important to be respectful, friendly, and hospitable to the host. Being a good guest will allow you to network wider with more house-swap hosts and other like-minded travelers from all around the world, making your future journeys even more simple and more exciting.

Looking for tips on how to become a great home swap guest? Remember these 5 rules.

Follow House Rules

One of the most important things you should do when being a house swap guest is to respect the rules of your host. A house swap is not like a hotel, there isn't a cleaning service or maid to pick up after you. Respect the property by following the wishes of the host, whether that be not smoking, taking off your shoes, opening the windows, or whatever it may be. To keep it simple, if you wouldn't want it done in your home, don't do it in someone else’s. We all know that accidents can happen, and if any damage is done to the property, being honest about what happened is what every host deserves.

Plan to Exchange Keys Before Hand

It is recommended to discuss how keys will be exchanged before your journey. Between differences in time zones, flights, or lack of internet, it isn’t always easy to contact the host as soon as you arrive. Be sure you know how to get into your accommodation; no one wants to be stuck outside after a long-haul trip. Members typically leave keys with neighbors, in a secure lock box, or local safe place.

Be Clear on Expectations

Every home swap is unique and there is not a single one that is the same as another. Be clear on what you expect during your stay, and clarify with your host if you have any specific requests. Everyday things to consider are cleaning duties, what is provided for children, wifi password, work stations, linen and towel information, or any personal needs or wants needing to be provided.

Respect the Property & Community

Hosts typically leave a set of community rules and requirements of the house. Whether the house is located in the rural countryside or a community complex, different neighborhoods may have specific rules or traditions that need to be respected. Parking permits, noise policies, access for guests, yard maintenance, and trash and recycling pickup are common topics that will have some rules associated with them. If you have yet to receive this information before your departure, be sure to remind your host before your arrival.

Always Leave a Review

Reviews are essential for building the trust and reputation of a host or traveler. Leaving a review is one of the easiest and most effective ways to benefit both you and your hosts for future home swaps. Your opinion and recommendation makes your host look well-trusted and reliable, and allows your recommendation to be seen by other swappers, gaining your trust as well. Leave as many details as possible when describing your stay about the home, community, and host; we promise your host will thank you.

We hope you have enjoyed our tips on how to be a great house swap guest. Remember to refer to this article before going on your house swap journey for the most successful stay possible.

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