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Welcome to our Swaphouse blog! Here you can read tips and gather more information about working remotely and swapping your home. We hope it inspires you!

Choosing Your Remote Work Destination: Key Considerations

With the rise of remote working, increasingly more people are deciding to combine their holidays to new destinations...

Tips to Make Your Remote Working Experience Exciting

The world has adjusted to the new normal of remote working. Many people prefer working remotely rather than going to offices.

Successful Home Swap Video Call Tips

In this article, we will provide tips and advice on how to have a smooth and successful video call with your home swap match.

How to Take Great Photos of Your Home for Home Swapping

The most popular home swap listings feature great photos. But how do you take good pictures of your home? Read about our tips...

The Best Home Swap Workation Destinations in Nature

Explore new workation destinations, exchange home offices in nature's best kept secrets and boost productivity.

Combining Home Swapping and a Workation

Combine travel and work with home swapping and a workation: tips and benefits for remote workers and digital nomads

Home Swapping with Kids: More Space, More Savings, More Fun

Home swapping with kids can save money and provide more space and freedom than a traditional vacation

How to Coordinate Key Exchange for Your Home Swap?

Exchange keys for your next home swap smoothly with our step-by-step guide. Covering key exchange methods and more.

How to be a Great Home Swap Guest

Home swapping is a great way to make long-term travel fun and affordable. Experiencing life like a local and...

How to Travel While Working Remotely

Tips for successful remote work while traveling: reliable internet, routine, and balance work and travel.

The Costs of Home Swapping: Is It Really Free?

Uncover the cost of home swapping with Swaphouse, unveil savings against traditional stays, and discover budgeting tips.

How Safe is Home Swapping? A Comprehensive Look

In this guide, we'll break down the safety aspects of home swapping and provide practical tips to ensure a secure experience.

Save Vacation Days with Home Swapping

Experience workations and home swapping with Swaphouse, saving vacation days as you work and explore new destinations

Best Ski Locations for Combining Work and Play

Like to work remotely while also enjoying skiing or snowboarding? We have listed our top five ski and snowboard destinations!

The Best Surf Destinations for a Workation

Plan the ultimate workation in a surf destination. Tips for finding the perfect spot, balancing work and play.

Swaphouse Updates: The Latest Features & Improvements

Explore the latest Swaphouse platform updates, designed to elevate your home swapping experiences!

Workation: The New Way to Work and Travel

Discover the ultimate work-travel combo: workations. Perfect for remote workers, & anyone looking to explore new places.

What to Pack on a Trip when Working Remotely

To help guide you while loading your backpack for a remote work adventure, be sure to consider the following items...

The Ultimate WiFi Speed Guide for Working Remotely

Swaphouse provides a WiFi speed guide to help digital nomads and remote workers assess the ideal internet speed requirement